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  • What should I wear?
    Please dress in something you can easily move in and so that we can see your body. Anything you would wear to the gym, to yoga, or the like, is appropriate.
  • What should I wear on my feet?
    Socks should always be worn in the studio. Please wear grippy socks, if possible.
  • Do you have changing rooms?
    Yes, we have two bathrooms with plenty of room for changing.
  • Do you provide towels?
    Yes, we offer fresh towels for each client.
  • Do I need to bring my own mat?
    No, you do not need to bring your own mat.
  • What if I forget my water?
    Don't worry, we have a small fridge filled with water bottles.
  • How early should I arrive for a session?
    Arriving five minutes early is preferable
  • Can I do pilates if I’m pregnant?
    Yes, but please let us know if you are expecting, or have just had a baby.
  • Can I do pilates if I am suffering from chronic pain or recovering from an injury or surgery?
    Of course. Please let us know prior to your session if you are suffering from any pain or recovering from an injury. We will help you work through your situation to ensure you are moving safely without adding further complications. ​
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You must cancel a private or duet session 24 hours before your booking, otherwise you will be charged the full amount. You must cancel a class 12 hours before the class, otherwise you will be charged the full amount.
  • Do the packages expire?
    All packages expire 6 months after purchase.
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